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Blink Zorgprofessionals

Blink Zorgprofessionals

Gert-Jan van der Velde

Commercial Director

Blink Zorgprofessionals employs special health professionals to work at her customers like: elderly homes, hospitals, hospices, home care etc. We provide a constant flexible solution to personnel fluctuations and staff shortages at these organizations. Blink’s vision is to build an (international) modern, enthusiastic medical team in which each individual can develop in their own way. We do this by offering coaching, training budget and periodic events. In this way we give every healthcare employee a chance to reach their potential that makes them proud. At the same time, we deliver the best quality for our clients. Healthcare employees are unique and special if you ask us. Very special! We want to cherish them, and provide them with a pleasant and safe work environment.

“TMI’s experience and knowledge in outsourcing special engineers fits with the vision and plans for Blink Zorgprofessionals. We also want to make sure the professionals are appreciated. The experience, the knowledge and the professional network of TMI gives Blink a huge kick start!”"

Gert-Jan van der Velde Commercial Director