The participants



Daniël Telgen

CEO Cboost

Cboost is an engineering company 5.0 and a social enterprise that provides high-tech R&D, consultancy and engineering services. Using advanced technology such as robotics and artificial intelligence, our multidisciplinary engineering team develops cyberphysical solutions that solve business problems and drive innovation towards a sustainable future. We are active across many industries, with assignments ranging from system engineering, mechatronics and robots, to creating embedded and intelligent systems.

Cboost is on a mission. The world that we depend on for our well-being is changing. We now face complex global challenges such as resource depletion, climate change and health threats. It’s time to do business in a different, smarter way. This fits right in with the TMI approach and network, together we innovate businesses while creating a healthy world at the same time."

Daniël Telgen CEO Cboost