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Talent Management Solutions

Talent Management Solutions

Miente Bakker


With our core product Teampeak, TMS enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their workforce. Teampeak is designed to help you create a high performance working climate. Teampeak replaces your traditional performance management solution and gives your employees the tools to outgrow themselves. With goal setting, 360 degree feedback, psychological tests and the most stunning User Interface available, the employee and organization get a profound insight in their talent profile. Teampeak; the most intuitive, rich & easy to implement talent management solution available.

Having known TMI and Thijs for quite some years now, I can state that he has real faith in the entrepreneurs he works with. During good times, but more importantly: also during challenging times. This trust creates an informal and stimulating environment where ideas are born, succes is forged and where I - as an entrepreneur - can grow."

Miente Bakker CEO Talent Management Solutions