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Barend Raaff

CEO Harver

Harver revolutionizes the process of hiring job candidates. Their interactive software predicts which candidates will perform best in the role. Applicants are screened online, using game-style testing. The software is automated, data-driven and intelligent — learning from client feedback and adjusting its algorithms accordingly. By automatically identifying the best candidates out of thousands of applicants, Harver makes the recruitment process up to 90% more efficient.

Thijs was the investor who helped us to set sail on an entrepreneurial journey, but I really got to know him when I needed a friend to help me navigate the storms. TMI is a highly dependable strategic partner in the crucial first years of an ambitious company. Their value can hardly be summarized in a short quote, but you can call me any time for the long story."

Barend Raaff CEO Harver Harver